Amy Thibodeau

UX Director at Shopify (Canada)


Amy's Talk

Break your design: Strategies for improving your work by embracing chaos and mess

Monday, 11 March — 09:30

In the tech industry we talk a lot about failure. Fail fast. Move fast and break things. Perfection is the enemy of the good. Yet if you spend any time on Dribble or looking at portfolios, most of what you’ll see is beautiful, pixel perfect, orderly, and calm. This Instagramization of product design ignores the messy, chaotic, and often unpredictable humans and circumstances our work is meant to serve.

In this talk, we’ll explore a set of strategies and frameworks UX practitioners can use to improve the user experience by breaking their designs.

About Amy

Amy Thibodeau is the UX Director for Shopify's App and Partner Platform where she leads a team of designers, researchers, and content strategists.

Previously she worked with Shopify's foundations team and helped launch the Polaris design system. Amy comes from a content design and writing background and was one of the first content strategists on Facebook's product design team.

She currently lives in Toronto with her husband and tiny dog Gus.