Sebabatso Mtimkulu

Head of Design at Vodacom (South Africa)


Sebabatso's Talk

Creating a safe space for designers to fail

Tuesday, 12 March — 11:20

Design is the conception and realisation of new things. There is a natural fear present when a new thing is being created. This comes in various forms; maybe a fear of being perceived as incompetent, insignificant, and more commonly, a fear of failure. This can be daunting if part of your everyday reality. Most often than not, Designers operate in this state of mind.

This talk is for all Designers and those that look after Design teams.

Learn about the acceptable, natural ups and downs necessary to fuel the successful creation of new products Learn how to identify unhealthy states of discomfort, and How to apply tools that help create spaces where Designers have permission to test assumptions, learn and ultimately thrive.

About Sebabatso

Sebabatso Mtimkulu is the Head of Design at Vodacom, South Africa. She is also the founder of Joy to use - User Experience Consulting. Her experience spans over 12 years, across multiple industries. She has led User Experience Design initiatives for organisations such as Standard Bank, Discovery, MTN, Momentum, Stanlib, Liberty, and others, both as employee and consultant.

Her journey has awarded the opportunity to witness the early beginnings of the User Experience Design field in South Africa. It gave her first hand experience and exposure to the pressures and challenges faced by Designers in organisations where the practice is still maturing.

As her role evolved from practitioner to Design Head, she found it imperative to study and closely understand culture forming practices to help create conducive working environments for Designers.

Her talk will expand on this. It is for all Designers and those looking after Design teams.

Learn how to apply tools that help create safe working spaces where Designers have permission to test assumptions without fear, to learn and ultimately thrive.

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