Ismail Chibgwe

Lead (UX) Consultant at Mantaray (South Africa)


Ismail 's Talk

10 things I learned during 2 weeks at Facebook

Monday, 11 March — 13:30

My experience as a UX specialist has reinforced the fact that design methodologies exist in their purest form as texts and seldom perfect when applied in practice, to actual product design processes. I also learned that the key to a successful project is the team and how well that team collaborates is the glue that holds the project together and guarantees success, whether the methodology was executed perfectly or not. Put differently, great teamwork and adherence to best practices assure best results, while methodologies do not necessarily guarantee them. During my short talk I’m going to be discussing 10 key differences in team dynamics between teams I have worked with in various companies in South Africa vs Facebook. I will cover how these dynamics have impacted the product design process negatively and positively as well as provide case studies and key recommendations and takeaways.

About Ismail

Simply put, I love design. Everything that I am passionate about is centred around creating. In my world, design and life are inextricably linked and design is the channel through which we experience things. Design enables us to interpret meaning, to solve wicked problems, to express and understand ourselves and our world - ‘we design and therefore we are’.

In my profession, I occupy the space between humans and the digital products they use and ensure that the products are usable and that the needs of the key stakeholders are met by the product.

I have had the opportunity to work with teams in Silicon Valley, designed a healthcare tool for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as conducting user research in more than five countries in Africa. When I’m not wearing my product design hat, I’m looking through my camera’s viewfinder and shooting something I like.

When I’m not shooting, I’m wearing my design cape and trying to save the world through design. When I’m not trying to be a superhero, I’m wondering why I never have time to paint my canvas that’s gathering dust!

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