Ian Bach

Senior product design lead at Spotify (USA)


Ian 's Talk

Shaping creative formats

Monday, 11 March — 14:10

Designing user generated content experiences throws up a host of unique challenges. How do you prototype and validate creative formats that promote conversation, creativity, and connection when you don't have any content yet? How do you leave space for diverse expression, without fostering a chaotic UX? How can you be confident that anybody will even make content once you launch?

In this talk, Ian will provide a window into a product design process that embraces real content from day one, and engages both sides of the creator/consumer user base. Told through the lens of his work evolving the music format at Spotify, Ian explores an evidence based approach to developing two-sided content experiences, and the lessons his team discovered along the way.

About Ian

Ian is a product design leader with deep experience creating and growing new digital products, and building healthy design teams around them. For the past four years he's been leading a team of designers developing Spotify's artist tools, allowing artists to access data, release music, plan their careers and express themselves more richly. Previously, as an agency designer, Ian worked with some of the biggest and smallest companies in the world, including Google, Sonos, Adidas, Samsung, HP, Audi, TomTom and Microsoft.

Ian's career has taken him across Europe, USA and Asia working in roles as diverse as UX, digital product, industrial, and service design. He's taught industrial design in India, mentored MBA students at UC Berkeley, spent a year designing sports products for Decathlon in France and co-founded a startup, HowDo, in Berlin. When he's not doing design, he's likely making music, which was one of the things that led him to Spotify.

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