Guidione Machava

UX Designer at Lepsta Inc. (South Africa)


Guidione's Talk

World-class attitude: When all the odds are against you.

Monday, 11 March — 13:50

In my talk, I will share with you how the right attitude can lead us to a completely different destiny. By comparing the life of a regular young man from a third world country such as mine, and that of someone from the same background but with the right attitude, I will show you how a difference in mentality can change someone's destiny and inspire other people.

About Guidione

I like to build and ship products. This is exactly what I do at Lepsta, where we are building the developers tool of the future playing the UX Designer role. Previously I worked for an award-winning Mozambican company delivering technical solutions for social and economic development of emerging markets where, besides communication and project management, I served as a technical consultant for World Bank's Mozambique-based projects.

As Design advocate, founded the IxDA Maputo chapter, become Country Manager of Interaction Design Foundation for Mozambique and member of the Pan Afrikan Design Institute.

I am also the Head of Community Development at EngineOne Developers, a community of “futuristic developers” with a keen interest in the future of software development with activities in 6 cities of 4 countries.

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