David Farkas

Associate Director of Experience Design at EPAM (USA)


David's Talk

Improvised UX

Monday, 11 March — 10:15

The need to adapt and be flexible within product research has never been greater. Research is planned and then reality sets in with real-world variables, participant needs, and unforeseen hurdles. Flexibility is a requirement. This flexibility starts with an ability to read your audience’s body language and to pivot as needs shift. Yield to the highest offer. Always say YES. Always raise the bar. These are three of the core components to improvisation in theater. They are also three pillars to a good design.

While improvisation is a muscle best learned and practiced over time, this primer introduces the fundamentals and starts a conversation around how might we be more engaged and flexible in our process. Part discussion, part activity, attendees will gain:

An introduction to the principles and guidelines of improvisation Exposure to warm-up activities to broaden and expand our thinking An awareness of how improvisation can be adapted throughout a project lifecycle An awareness of how body language affects team collaboration

This isn’t a session to learn to be funny, or even how to perform. It’s a conversation around expanding our toolkit.

About David

David is a UX Designer living in Philadelphia, PA and has a passion for uncovering process and story through iterative client engagement. His experience includes work across a number of financial organizations, e-commerce platforms and a variety of business systems.

As a co-author of UX Research, with O’Reilly, David explore research techniques and approaches to collaboratively exploring product and business needs. Currently with EPAM,

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